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Unimount Classic Dry Mount Tissue

Unimount ClassicTM Dry Mount Tissue
This premium grade dry mounting tissue is regarded as the industry standard for  permanent mounting of all types of flat artwork. It is popular among bespoke framers and photo processors due to its superb lay flat properties.

Unimount Classic™ is a high grade adhesive on a porous, pH neutral tissue. The tissue has excellent breathability, which allows air to escape from the layers of your work. Unimount Classic™ is suitable for mounting posters, prints, photographs, inkjets, pastels, charcoals, colour copies, maps, charts, blue prints and plans.

Unimount Classic™ is compatible with a wide variety of substrates, including mount board, pulp boards and grey boards, foam centred boards, hardboard, MDF and of course, Hot Press' own specialist mounting substrate, White Display Board. Unlike some lesser tissues, Unimount Classic™ has a very wide activation temperature range, from around 70ºc to 115ºc, making it ideal for a huge range of jobs.

HMUT25082 (Prev.H4019)650mm x 25metres
HMUT25164 (Prev.H4020)650mm x 50metres
HMUT25328 (Prev.H4021)650mm x 100metres
HMUT41082 (Prev.H4036)1040mm x 25metres
HMUT41164 (Prev.H4037)1040mm x 50metres
HMUT41328 (Prev.H4038)1040mm x 100metres
HMUT51082 (Prev.H4044)1300mm x 25metres
HMUT51164 (Prev.H4045)1300mm x 50metres
HMUT51328 (Prev.H4046)1300mm x 100metres

Vistamount Classic Dry Mount Tissue

Vistamount Dry Mount Tissue

Vistamount™ is an economy grade dry mounting tissue and is made with cost in mind. *It is  often used by contract framers, who need to work within tight budgets. This cost effective tissue offers a permanent bond for posters and prints and it is suitable for mounting artwork to MDF and most types of mounting board.


HMVM413281040mm x 100metres
HMVM490821245mm x 25metres
HMVM493281245mm x 100metres

Dry Mount Film Clear

Dry Mount Film - Clear

This is the most aggressive hot adhesive in our range and is a perfect partner to Unimount Classic™ tissue.

Where Unimount Classic™ is good for most jobs, Dry Mount Film Clear steps in when tougher challenges arise. The product is formed from a clear central carrier film, coated on both sides with a  strong, heat activated adhesive. Each adhesive layer is then protected by a grid-marked carrier paper. The two separate release liners mean this adhesive can be rolled out and cut to the correct size for each  job. When the adhesive is exposed at room temperature it has a low level of tack. This allows the film to be positioned or tacked onto either your artwork or mounting board.

Dry Mount Film Clear is recommended for wood, MDF, plastics, textured art papers, canvases and other fabrics. This adhesive bonds well to both highly textured and smooth surfaces. The difference between dry mount tissues and heat activated films is that films do not ‘breathe’. Therefore we recommend  this film is pierced prior to use.

HMFC25082 (Prev.H4346)650mm x 25mts
HMFC41082 (Prev.H4351)1040mm x 25mts
HMFC413281040mm x 100mts
HMFC51082 (Prev.H4354)1300mm x 25mts
HMFC513281300mm x 100mts

Acid Free Mount Film

Acid Free Mount Film

Acid Free Mount Film is a pure film adhesive. The acid free adhesive melts as it is heated and bonds as it cools. It This bond can be reversed by re-heating the adhesive, though we would advise against this and offer no guarantees.

Acid Free Mount Film works well with uneven surfaces such as watercolour paper and fabrics, making it suitable for most types of artwork and substrates.

HMAF25082 (Prev.H4326)620mm x 25mts
HMAF41082 (Prev.H4332)1040mm x 25 metres
HMAF480821220mm x 25mts

Heat Sealing Laminates

Our range of heat activated lamination films, or heatseals as they are commonly known, are widely regarded as the industry standard for heated press print finishing. All our heatseal films are made in our own factory in Bristol, UK and contain UV inhibitors in both the film and adhesive. This stops the films from turning yellow or becoming brittle over time. This attention to detail has the beneficial side effect of increasing the fade resistance of the artwork underneath. Heatseal films are incredibly durable, easy to keep clean and come in a variety of popular finishes.

ArtShield UV Gloss (Lustre) 50mic

ArtShield UV Gloss (Lustre) 50micron

This is our most popular heatseal laminate. It offers a unique finish that adapts to the surface it is pressed against (under heat and vacuum). The  result is a  rich lustrous finish,  achieved by pressing the film against the surface of the foam blanket in the Hot Press. This finish similar to  photographic paper. To change the finished texture, the artwork can be repressed against other textured or smooth surfaces. This film can also used as a glossy top coating when prints are bonded to canvas, or printed inkjet canvasses are laminated.

HSGL25082PP (Prev.L1305)650mm x 25mts
HSGL25328PP650mm x 100mts
HSGL41082PP (Prev.L1317)1040mm x 25mts
HSGL41328PP1040mm x 100mts
HSGL51082PP (Prev.L1320)1300mm x 25mts
HSGL51328PP1300mm x 100mts

ArtShield UV Satin Matt

ArtShield UV Satin Matt 5Omicron Heatseal Laminate

The finish of this film, once processed, is a stippled sheen effect. This film is used to laminate posters and prints, as its subtle finish closely mimics that of the printed piece. The satin sheen finish reduces glare, but not contrast. This film can also used as a satin top coating when prints are bonded to canvas, or printed inkjet canvases are laminated.

HSSM25082PP (Prev.L1435)650mm x 25mts
HSSM25328PP650mm x 100mts
HSSM41082PP (Prev.L1447)1040mm x 25mts
HSSM41328PP1040mm x 100mts
HSSM51082PP (Prev.L1450)1300mm x 25mts
HSSM51328PP1300mm x 100mts
MX513281300mm x 100mts *UNPIERCED*

ArtShield UV Full Matt

ArtShield UV Full Matt 75micron Heatseal Laminate

This film is characterised by a full matt finish that eliminates reflection. It offers additional UV protection when used behind glass, but is almost invisible. Full matt film is used where lighting is a problem, such as exhibition halls and other public areas. Additional heat applied during processing will give the matt film a heavily textured and  scuff resistant surface. This film is also used as a matt top coating when prints are bonded to canvas, or printed inkjet canvases are laminated.

HSFM25082PP (Prev.L1505)650mm x 25mts
HSFM25328PP650mm x 100mts
HSFM41082PP (Prev.L1517)1040mm x 25mts
HSFM41328PP1040mm x 100mts
HSFM51082PP (Prev.L1520)1300mm x 25mts
HSFM51328PP1300mm x 100mts

ArtShield UV Sand Texture

ArtShield UV Sand Texture Heatseal Laminate

This non reflective film is ideal for graphics subjected to prolonged exposure in public places, such as restaurants, cafes, pubs and hotels. It displays a pleasing sandy texture that is also scuff resistant. Due to its tough nature, sand texture is an ideal surface coating for decorative place mats and coasters.

HSST25082PP650mm x 25mts
HSST41082PP1040mm x 25mts
HSST51082PP1300mm x 25mts
HSST51328PP1300mm x 100mts

ArtShield UV Fine Linen

ArtShield UV Fine Linen 90micron Heatseal Laminate

This delicate, line-textured laminate is the finest of the three fabric textures in the heatseal range. It is preferred by photographers wishing to offer a subtle yet decorative finish to their work. Fine Linen is non-reflective and scuff resistant making it ideal for wall prints in the home or office. It is also useful for disguising minor creases and cracks in prints and posters.

HSFL25082PP (Prev. L1608)650mm x 25mts
HSFL51082PP (Prev.L1611)1300mm x 25mts

ArtShield UV Coarse Linen

ArtShield UV Coarse Linen 90micron Heatseal Laminate

This film displays a mid-gauge fabric texture resembling rough cotton or hessian. It is used on larger format artwork where a finer finish may be lost. The rougher gauge of this film is capable of hiding large imperfections in prints and posters. Like most textured heatseals it is scuff resistant.

HSCL25082PP (Prev.L1643)650mm x 25m
HSCL51082PP (Prev.L1646)1300mm x 25mts

ArtShield UV Canvastex

ArtShield UV Canvastex 190micron Heatseal Laminate

This is a heavy gauge fabric textured film that is reminiscent of real canvas. Canvastex is often used as an economical alternative to canvas printing or canvas bonding.


HSCN25082 (Prev.L1713)650mm x 25mts
HSCN51082 (Prev.L1725)1300mm x 25mts
HSCN513281300mm x 100mts

Silicone Release Paper

A grid patterned paper, coated on one side with a standard quality silicone release agent. This economy grade product is used to cover exposed adhesives during pressing and can be used in all kinds of mounting and laminating presses.

HASP25033 (Prev.A2004)650mm x 10mts
HASP25082 (Prev.A2005)650mm x 25mts
HASP41033 (Prev.A2010)1040mm x 10mts
HASP41082 (Prev.A2011)1040mm x 25mts
HASP51033 (Prev.A2020)1300mm x 10mts
HASP51082 (Prev.A2021)1300mm x 25mts

Clear Silicone Release Film

A transparent film coated on both sides with a superior quality silicone release agent. This product is used to cover exposed adhesives during processing. Though primarily designed for use with glass-topped presses, this film can be used in any heated press. Its life expectancy is over ten times that of silicone release paper.

HASF25033 (Prev.A2058)622mm x 10mts
HASF25082 (Prev.A2059)622mm x 25mts
HASF41033 (Prev.A2062)1040mm x 10mts
HASF41082 (Prev.A2063)1040mm x 25mts
HASF50033 (Prev.A2064)1270mm x 10mts
HASF50082 (Prev.A2065)1270mm x 25mts

Adhesive Coated CREAM Canvas

Adhesive Coated CREAM Canvas

These are heavy duty cream cotton based fabrics, used as the base for canvas bonded photographs and prints. They are suitable for stretching images around stretcher frames. Three styles are available, each with a unique appearance. The MODERN variant offers a  regular weave structure that is  open and gives a line pattern. The COARSE variant is  irregular in its weave pattern, with a definite slub to the threads. The TRADITIONAL variant  has a slub pattern, but with a tighter ‘closed’ weave. This  gives a softer, though distinct impression. Each version is precoated with a v strong, heat activated, clear adhesive. The addition of this coating means you do not need dry mount film to complete the process.

HCCM500331270mm x 10mts Modern

Adhesive Coated SUPER WHITE Canvas

Adhesive Coated SUPER WHITE Canvas

These  are the same as the cream adhesive coated canvases, but have been bleached and starched to produce a brilliant white base for canvas bonded work. Super white canvases are preferred by photographers and image makers producing high key or bridal work. Super white canvases are only available in COARSE and MODERN weave patterns.

HWCC500331270mm x 10mts Coarse
HWCM500331270mm x 10mts Modern
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