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Cassese - Pneumatic Underpinner


Cassese MACH1 CART

  • MACH 1 CART Fires Cartridge wedges for quick &MACH1 CART easy change of size or type
  • Self regulating pressure between soft and hard woods
  • Solid crossbar & new adjustable rod clamp
  • Very wide 190mm stroke between first & last wedge position & 110mm high mouldings
  • Very powerful ‘Ultra Clamp’ which pulls moulding together
  • 5 wedge positions - fires up to 5 wedges per position
  • High speed joining - 3360 cycles per hour with 2 positions per corner
  • User friendly keyboard - 2 joining modes - Automatic or Manual
  • Can store 9 Favourite moulding profiles - barcode ready
  • Stainless steel working table to prevent rust, built in extension arms.
  • Concrete reinforced structure to absorb vibrations
  • Easy access to electrical & pneumatic parts
  • Also available to order is the MACH1UNI for UNI wedges

Click here for more information PDF

Width 5mm - 150mm
Height 7mm - 100mm

Length 612mm
Width 690mm
Height 1171mm
Weight 97kg

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