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Cassese Two Headed Mitre Saw



Cassese CS969 Two Headed Mitre Saw

The Cassese CS999 Saw has been designed for high volume contractCS999 framers. The saw delivers the fastest production capacity possible from a single machine and has been recognised as the fastest automated double mitre saw on the market. The CS999 offers the highest level of productivity without compromising quality.




  • Fast - Up to 1000 cuts per hour
  • 350mm (14" Blades)
  • Available in 400V (± 5%) triple phase or 230V (± 5%) triple or single phase
  • Vertical cutting stroke - Fast production without sacrificing quality
  • Cast iron internal structure - Avoids disadjustments ofCS999 a mechanical parts and gives maximum reliability
  • Concrete base - Maximum stability, no vibrations and perfect cuts
  • Minimum Waste Stop - To save moulding at each first cut.
  • Adjustable speed control - Allows quality cutting of different hardness of timbers or synthetic mouldings without changing the blades.


Adjustable blades height - This allows the operator to set the saw for the shortest possible cutting stroke, reducing unnecessary motion of the cutting cycle increasing productivity.

  • Two measuring stops - Enables cutting of both frame dimensions one after the other.
  • 1.5m support arms - Robust feed-in support arm, and feed-out measuring arm.
  • Automatic dust extraction - The dust extractor is pre-wired to the saw,  both machines run and stop simultaneously. This reduces power consumption and noise.
  • Two rear dust extraction ports - This increases dust extraction efficiency and improves cleanliness.
  • Built-in air filter / regulator



  • CE approved - Satisfying the highest safetyCS999quickstop standards in the world.
  • Ergonomic two-button operation - Keeps hands away from the cutting area.
  • Safe design - Completely enclosed with no exposed motors or blades.
  • Time delay hood latch - The main guard has a safety delay to ensure the operator is not exposed to rotating blades before opening.
  • Easy maintenance - The saws top cover can be conveniently raised for easy access to blades and belts.
  • Electronic safety switches - The motors cannot be activated while the blades are exposed.
  • Emergency push button cut-off switch.
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