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Tru Vue TruLife (TM)

TruLife Image

A new, innovative anti-reflective acrylic for face/second surface mounting and print applications

Tru Vue proudly introduces TruLife™ Single Sided Anti-Reflective Acrylic. Our unique and specialized acrylic product is developed specifically for face/second surface mounting and direct printing on the substrate. Using TruLife™ provides a contemporary look for fine art and photographyensuring brillant colors and a true to life appearance that other acrylic products simply can’t match. That’s because it's manufactured with our proprietary anti-reflective coating that creates a nearly invisible surface, eliminating distracting reflections and annoying glare associated with other acrylics. And, unlike other acrylics that attract dust and scratch easily, TruLife™ is anti-static and abrasion resistant. A truly brilliant idea!

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HY243mm Tru Vue TruLife (TM) 2440mm x 1220mm (96" x 48")
HY2444.5mm Tru Vue TruLife (TM) 2440mm x 1830mm (96" x 72")
HY2466mm Tru Vue TruLife (TM) 3050mm x 1830mm (120" x 72")
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