Cassese - Pneumatic Underpinner

Product Reference Code: CS20CART

Similar to the old CS89 underpinner but now fitted with a more powerful double action horizontal clamp that hold the moulding together whilst moving the moulding between wedge positions.

  • Air operated
  • Uses cartridge wedges for quick & easy change of size or type
  • Easy to adjust for different profiles
  • Adjustable fences
  • Self-adjusting pressure between hardwood and softwood
  • Joins mouldings between 5mm to 100mm wide and 7mm to 75mm high

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  • Width 5mm - 100mm
  • Height 7mm - 85mm


  • Length 610mm
  • Width 360mm
  • Height 1200mm
  • Weight 28kg

Air supply:

  • 6 bars using 1.5L/cycle