Cassese - Pneumatic Underpinner

cs200 cart overview
Product Reference Code: CS200CART

Similar to the old CS299, the CS200CART is fitted with powerful and retractable double action horizontal clamp which allows the operator to manufacture wider frames from the front or rear of the machine.

  • Symmetrical movement of the top clamp & firing mechanism ensures that the mouldings are firmly held in place to avoid movement during wedge insertion
  • Lockable movement of magazine allows wedges to be fired & stacked accurately
  • Easy to adjust for different profiles • Adjustable fences
  • Self-adjusting pressure between hardwood & softwood
  • Pneumatic loading of wedges
  • Joins wider mouldings between 5mm to 150mm wide and 7mm to 100mm high
  • Aluminium profile structure

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  • Width 5mm - 150mm
  • Height 7mm - 100mm


  • Length 589mm
  • Width 600mm
  • Height 1171mm
  • Weight 44kg

Air supply:

  • 2NI/cycle