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smART bag
Product Reference Code: BREEN

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Are you tired of spending money & time wrapping your Artwork, only to throw it away? Packaging artwork can be expensive, wasteful and time consuming whilst also damaging to the environment. This strong ART BAG offers a reusable solution to packing, storing and transporting artworks and frames. The Breen smart bag is not only smart looking but has great practical solutions. Edged in a strong sewn binding. Sizes quoted are the outside sizes. Useable sizes approximately 5cm less depending on depth of item being wrapped.

  • Re-sealable with a hook and loop strip
  • Strong and shock absorbent
  • Lined with a soft acid free lining
  • Moisture absorbent
  • Mildew and Mould repellent
  • Water resistant
  • Insulation properties
  • Each material used is a recyclable fabric
  • Lightweight • Easy to store
  • Other sizes available to order
  • Available as singles