Wessex Professional Pricing Program 4.4.5

The Wessex Pricing Program has continued to evolve over the last 15 years. It has been written and developed by a AGCF picture framer and so is practical & easy to use.

Their are two pricing programmes available:

WPP4B - The Basic option


WPP4F - The Full option

  1. Simple, yet sophisticated frame price calculator

  2. Configure items priced to your business
  3. See price breakdown
  4. Huge number of options
  1. Keep records of jobs and Customers
  2. Easily search database for previous jobs
  3. Never "mislay" a job again
  4. Programmed by a GCF framer, with input from many other framers.

Both pricing programmes use the same values and the same database file (the Basic option just uses the Mouldings part of it), so upgrading is made as simple as it could be.

For a video explanation of how some of the features work please click HERE

Although the first three versions of the Wessex Pricing Program are no longer available for purchase, information and support is still available. Call your nearest branch for more information. 


The latest exciting development is the Framers Pricing App for Android Android Devices. For those out and about visting customers this is an invaluable aid for your business.

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