Keencut Ultimat Gold Straight Line Mountcutter

Ultimat Gold Main
Product Reference Code: ULTI

The Ultimat Gold is an technically advanced and easy to use manual Mount Cutter and will suit the requirements of even the most skilled and creative framer.


  • High performance materials used throughout
  • Extra wide base board made from anodised aluminium - It won't warp over time!
  • A fully adjustable cutting head
  • Production stops that guarantee no overcuts or undercuts
  • A clever range of instant fit options

Optional Accessories

  • 2 x base extension matboard support arms, 60cm (23.6") long.
  • 75cm (29.5") extended margin guide kit complete with 2 x 60cm (23.6") support arms.
  • Multi angle cutting gauge.
  • Reverse bevel stop.

For a complete description of the Ultimat Gold please click here to visit the Keencut website.