Wessex Professional Pricing Program 4.4.5 Basic


Basic and Full Version -

  • NEW FEATURE Sync your program with the Wessex App

  • NEW FEATURE Copies of overwritten data files are automatically made

  • Sophisticated frame pricing.

  • Quick to use.

  • Easy to change between Inches, Cm. or Mm.

  • Ability to change the pricing items to reflect an individual business.

  • Allows for stacked mouldings.

  • Reminds if work is likely to need oversized mountboard or glass.

  • Can add in any additional cost with or without VAT.

  • Easily give discounts.

  • Useful calculator for framers.

  • Set of "HowTo" videos in Help section.

  • Automatic backup of database & values can be set.

  • Bulk update Wessex and Frinton Mouldings (other suppliers possible).

  • Database file compatible with Microsoft "Office" (and other office suites).

  • Option to issue prices in whole £'s.

  • Price breakdown can be viewed.

  • Now shows moulding stock on the moulding record NEW

  • 'Not Stocked' warnings NEW

  • Compatible with Windows XP Service Pack 2 and later versions

  • Compatible with Windows 10

To download the 30 day trial please click here. This can also be used to update an earlier version of the program (To check which version you have go to “Help” > “About”)

**     Before updating remember to take copies of the database & labels/values files (V3.mdb & User.xml) just in case!

Wessex Professional Pricing Program Basic Version

  1. Simple, yet sophisticated frame price calculator
  2. Configure items priced to your business
  3. See price breakdown
  4. Huge number of options

For the full features please see below. 

For a video tutorial please click here.