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Keencut 080 Blades

K080Superior Quality Blade for General Purpose & Specialised Applications- Used in the majority of Keencut Cutters – Made in Sheffield, UK


Keencut Tech D Blades

TECH D Rectangular, Double-sided Mount Cutter blade. .012" is Ideal for standard picture framing applications when used with the Ultimat Gold & Ultimat Futura. .015" is ideal for cutting thicker, softer boards.

TECHDTech D Blades (0.12")
TECHD2Tech D Blades (0.15")

Keencut Tech S Blades

TECH S Single-sided Rectangular Mount Cutter blade. For Bevel cutting white core & conservation mountboard. .012" for mountboard up to 3mm.  .015" for thicker than 3mm

TECHSTech S Blades (0.12")
TECHS2Tech S Blades (0.15")

For use in the Vertical Action Blade holder Graphik. KEEN032Compatible with:

Evolution E2, Javelin Integra, Javelin Series 2 and Sabre Series 2



Replacement Tungsten Carbide Glass Cutting Wheels for the SteelTraK & Excalibur Vertical Cutting Machines 


GCW1 GCW1 - Black glass wheel assembly (earlier models)




GCW2 GCW2 - White glass wheel assembly (later models)

GCW1Black Glass Wheel Assembly
GCW2White Glass Wheel Assembly
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