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Cassese foot operated guillotine  CS55


The CS1CART launches a new line of Cassese underpinners with a uniqueCS1CART and patented aluminum design which combines ergonomics, ease of use, wider joining capacities and premium quality components.


The CS2CART is the first of the air operated Cassese underpinners in their new line. CS2 CART


Similar to the old CS89 underpinner but now fitted with a more powerfulCS20-cart double action horizontal clamp that hold the moulding together whilst moving the moulding between wedge positions.


Similar to the old CS299, the CS200CART is fitted with powerful andcs200 cart overview retractable double action horizontal clamp which allows the operator to manufacture wider frames from the front or rear of the machine.


The MACH 1 CART is the first of the new line of programmable underpinnersMACH1 CART and replaces the old CS486.


The MACH 4 CART is a memory underpinner which is network & barcode ready.mach 4 cart dtour copy It replaces the old CS4008XL.


The CS969 is the successor to the very popularCS969 CS939. It has wider and higher cuts, Concrete Base and Cast Iron Cutting Heads for perfect quality cuts and maximum reliability. CS969 is the safest and most accurate automatic double mitre saw available in the market.


The Cassese CS999 Saw has been designed for high volume contractCS999 framers. The saw delivers the fastest production capacity possible from a single machine and has been recognised as the fastest automated double mitre saw on the market. The CS999 offers the highest level of productivity without compromising quality.

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