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Wessex Pictures offer the most comprehensive range of mountboard available to the trade. All are available in single sheets unless otherwise stated.

Crescent mountboard - Wessex Pictures are distributors for the high quality USA range of Crescent Mountboard. Leaders within the mountboard industry, and a major player in the completion of the FATG standards for mountboard, their products are truly outstanding. It's the biggest range available in sizes, textures and colours.

Daler mountboard - A large range of colours available in texture and ingres finishes, manufactured in the UK. All mountboard conforms to FATG standards Conservation and Standard mountboard. Our catalogue and website has information on pack sizes, micron thickness and board sizes. Daler Rowney is a founder member of the FATG.

Arqadia mountboard -  'We always have a mountboard to suit your requirements'. Arqadia offer Solidcore, Blackcore and Conservation Whitecore. An extra thick Conservation board at 3500 microns is also available.

Britannia mountboard - The Standard and White core are available in 70 colours with a range of surfaces and textures. Double and Triple thick white core are now available along with black core and jumbo in certain colours.

Bainbridge mountboard - Offering a wide range of sheet thicknesses from 350 - 2800 microns, the range includes White Core, Alphamat Artcare and Alpharag Artcare.

Wessex Low Cost - now sold in packs of 10 or 25, 15 colours.

Wessex Low Cost Whitecore - now sold in packs of 5 or 20, 14 colours offering great value for money.

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