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Aluminium security screws - 999-000-009


Wood Security Screws - 999-000-010


SPAN1 - Security Spanner


BC98 - BC100 - Spring Bow Clips

BC983 1/2" Coppered Bow Clips 200's
BC1004 5/8" Coppered Bow Clips 200's

BCNR1 - Brass Corner




Bifurcated Rivets - BR30 - BR31 - BR32 - BR33

BR305/16" x14 Nickel Bifurcated Rivet
BR316/16" x14 Nickel Bifurcated Rivets
BR326/16" x11 Nickel Bifurcated Rivets
BR336/16" x 11 Brassed Bifurcated Rivets

Capped Rivets - BR34


Chandelier Chain - CC222B - CC224B - CC226B

CC222B13/16" Brass Chandelier Chain
CC224B15/16" Brass Chandelier Chain
CC226B1 1/32" Brass Chandelier Chain

COH1447 - Clip Over Hangers


Disc Plate Hangers - DPH571 - DPH572 - DPH573 - DPH574 - DPH575

DPH5711 1/4" Disc Plate Hangers
DPH5722" Disc Plate Hangers
DPH5733" Disc Plate Hangers
DPH5744" Disc Plate Hangers
DPH5755 1/2" Disc Plate Hangers

Single D Rings - DR750 - DR751 - DR752 - DR753 - DR754 - DR755

DR750Single 'D' Rings Nickel 100's
DR751Single 'D' Rings Nickel 1000's
DR752Single 'D' Rings Brassed 100's
DR753Single 'D' Rings Brassed 1000's
DR754Small Single 'D' Rings 100's
DR755Small Single 'D' Rings 1000's
DR756Standard Single D Rings (per 100)
DR757Standard Single D Rings (Per 1000)

Double D Rings - DR760 - DR761

DR760Double D Rings Nickel
DR761Double D Rings Brass

Emo Clips - EC2156 - EC2157 - EC2166

EC2156Emo Clips Small
EC2157Emo Clips Hanging
EC2166Emo Clips Large

Escutcheon Pins - EP130 - EP131 - EP132

EP13019 Gauge Brassed Escutcheon Pins
EP13119 Gauge Brass Escutcheon Pins
EP13216 Gauge Brass Escutcheon Pins

Ferrules - F71 - F72 - F73

F71No.1 Brass Ferrules
F72No.2 Brass Ferrules
F73No.3 Brass Ferrules
FBUMP - Frame Bumpers Foam
  • Foam frame bumpers
  • 12mm x 12mm (1/2" x 1/2")
  • Prevents pictures from leaning
  • Used to keep pictures away from wall
  • Allows air to circulate behind picture


  • Self-adhesive felt frame bumpers
  • 16mm felt frame bumpers
  • 3 thicknesses - 1.3mm, 2.9mm, 4.6mm
  • Helps prevents pictures from leaning and moving
  • Stops walls being marked by the frame
  • Allows air to circulate behind picture
FBUMP1White Felt Frame Bumpers 1.3mm (x400)
FBUMP2White Felt Frame Bumpers 2.9mm (x1000)
FBUMP3White Felt Frame Bumpers 4.6mm (x1000)

FF850 - Firescreen Feet

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