A5-MemoTS Electronic Underpinner

Product Reference Code: A+A5MEMOTS

The A5-MemoTS has been designed for the production framer that requires high speed assembly with frequent changeovers. Its technology is “state of the art” and allows you to store an almost endless amount of programs. The programs can be input by the operator or downloaded from a PC. After storing this information, the operator can select the frame to be produced via the touch screen or by scanning with the optional bar code reader. The machine will automatically adjust and production can restart immediately. A very fast and reliable machine, the A5-MemoTS can be used to assemble all types of wood, plastic and MDF using the special steel A+ wedges.


Extra strong nail driver providing trouble free operation for many years
Hydraulic clamp
Can be used from both front and back
Wedges can be driven or stacked in up to 14 positions per corner
Can join wood, plastic or MDF mouldings
Horizontal, vertical and fence clamps for precise clamping

Technical Info

 Minimum frame section (W/H) - 6mm x 10mm

Maximum frame section (W/H) - 107mm x 110mm

Wedge magazine capacity - 220

Standard wedge size - 7mm  10mm  15mm

Optional wedge size - 5mm  12mm

Working pressure - 70 to 100 PSI

Air consumption - 0.14 ft3 @ 73 PSI

Power supply - 220V 50Hz / 110V 60Hz

Weight - 135Kg

Dimensions (w/d/h) - 880mm/680mm/1400mm