Acrylic Blocks

acrylic blocks 1
Product Reference Code: ACRBL

Acrylic blocks come in two thicknesses and a variety of standard sizes. ‘Face Mounting’ images to acrylic has become very popular. The effect is  eye-catching, with colours showing  vibrancy and images taking on a 3D appearance. The look is modern and minimalist which appeals to a wide range of people.

These blocks are designed to be ‘free standing’ and look great on shelves, and coffee tables. Unlike images that are ‘sandwiched’ between two pieces of acrylic, images actually mounted to acrylic are in a class of their own. These blocks feature superior grade ‘diamond polishing on their edges and are protected by a tough release liner.You will need a cold laminator to create these blocks and we recommend the use of our TRANSPARENCY MOUNT FILM - FYNART™ film for the job. Images on blocks will be held in the hand from time to time, so the highest quality finish is a must. Our blocks are custom manufactured in the UK with the highest quality acrylic for consistent quality and finish.

Special notes...
Some acrylic block suppliers sell ‘exact to size’ blocks, making it almost impossible to get a perfect match with a print of that size. Our blocks have been purposely created to be slightly smaller than the image they are designed for. This allows for easy positioning of the print, with a small waste edge being trimmed away when the work is completed. This means you will always get a truly professional result. The addition of black chalkboard laminate to the back of your blocks adds an extra dimension in the style department.