ArtShield Satinex UV Gloss (Lustre) 50mic

ArtShield UV Gloss (Lustre) 50mic
Product Reference Code: HSGL


This is our most popular heatseal laminate. It offers a unique finish that adapts to the surface it is pressed against (under heat and vacuum). The result is a rich lustrous finish, achieved by pressing the film against the surface of the foam blanket in the Hot Press. This finish similar to photographic paper. To change the finished texture, the artwork can be repressed against other textured or smooth surfaces. This film can also used as a glossy top coating when prints are bonded to canvas, or printed inkjet canvasses are laminated.

Current code Previous codes
SX41082PP HSGL41082PP,  L1317
SX51082PP HSGL51082PP, L1320
SX51328PP HSGL51328PP