"Exploring the world of picture glazing"

By Martin on 19th Oct 2018

"Exploring the world of picture glazing"
with the Industry's Technical Expert, David Palmer

The event, organised by the Fine Art Trade Guild and Wessex Pictures, was held at the Wessex Pictures Leatherhead branch. Members came from as far afield as Devon and Warwickshire to learn about the new developments and innovations in the glazing industry that are applicable to picture framers.

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Glazing technology moves on and this event was an ideal opportunity to keep up to speed with the fascinating developments in the field and explore some of the many options available and the business opportunities this technology offers.  It also helped to understand the product specifications – which products really meet the requirements for conservation and museum level framing? 

It wasn't all about speciality glass.  David also covered issues such as the challenges of framing very large pictures (usually cheap prints for clients that don’t want to pay much) and the pros and cons (safety, weights, cost, etc) of large sheets of glass versus acrylic. 

Glazing is fundamental to framing and this was an invaluable opportunity to meet with the industry's leading expert.

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Excellent and super informative evening, Garry... and good food and booze!

Please send our thanks to David for his excellent presentation. Cristina and I really appreciated his depth of knowledge and ability to transmit it.

Best wishes,


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