Foam Biseaux

Foam Biseaux - Foam strips with bevelled sides
Product Reference Code: FOST

Foam strips with beveled sides

Acid FreeIn France it is a tradition to make a deep bevel with bevelled strips on the back of the mat/mount. Here we call this a French mat. With foam biseaux you can make your own French mat in a few minutes. The foam strips are already bevelled (60 degrees) on both sides. With the special mark line it is easy to fix the selfadhesive mat decoration tapo. Cut the foam strips with your standard matcutter (60 degrees) or with the special foam biseaux cutter. Mount the strips and your French mat is ready.


Foam Biseaux


Material polystyrene core covered on both sides with acid and lignin free paper
Bevel both sides bevelled 60 degrees
Lenghts 100cm / 40"
Width 8 cm / 3.15"
Thickness 5mm / 3/16"
Packed in cardboard boxes