The Frinton stock in this section are the remainder of the Frinton range that were not taken into the Wessex Range. All the items here are stocked at the Dereham branch. These can be ordered from your local Wessex Branch but will take up to 10 days to arrive. Once the stock is sold of any of these items they will no longer be available.

Range C – Frinton Moulding bundles

These are the last remaining metres of the moulding put together as a bundle.  This range has been discounted by up to 75% so check out these great prices.

(Code: M02513)


2 1/2" Flat Raised Back & Lip Ivory

Was £8.60/metre  NOW £4.00/metre

Pack of 14.7 metres

(Code: M02516)


3 1/2" Flat Raised Back and Lip

Was £7.31/metre  Now 3.50/metre

Pack of 11.35 metres

(Code: M02579)


1 5/8" Flat Pine Painted Pink

Previously £2.43/metre NOW £0.80/m

Pack of 44.70 metres

(Code: M02708)


2" Flat Painted Putty

Was £4.00/metre NOW £1.40/m

Pack of 21.90 metres

(Code: M02765)


3/4" Square Painted Lime Green

Was £2.41/metre NOW £0.80/m

Pack of 29.20 metres

(Code: M02776)


5/8" Small Scoop Dark Purple

Was £2.31/metre NOW £0.76/m

Pack of 42.45 metres

(Code: M02786)


5/8" Small Scoop Truffle

Was £2.31/metre NOW £0.80/m

Pack of 37.26 metres

(Code: M02824)


3/4" Flat Painted Deep Rebate Off White

Previously £4.20/metre   NOW £1.50/metre

Pack of 26.4 metres

(Code: M02852)


3/4" Flat Deep Rebate Distressed Light Bronze

Was £/metre NOW £1.25/m

Pack of 24.20 metres

(Code: M03098)


5/8" Dome Turquoise Pearl

Was £2.68/metre NOW £0.88/m

Pack of 39.84 metres