Heat Activated Films


Heat Activated Dry Mounting Products

Dry mounting, using heat and pressure to bond artwork to boards, is hardly new technology. In fact it has a pedigree that goes back well over 110 years. Dry mounting tissues are the simplest of products to use, but all our products are supplied by Hot Press, who continue to set the highest standards in the print finishing industry.

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Hot Press heat Activated Laminating Films

The Hot Press™ range of heat activated or “hot” lamination films are often simply referred to as “heatseal” films and they are widely regarded as the industry standard for heated press print finishing. All our heatseal films are manufactured by Hot Press™ in their factory in Bristol UK and contain UV inhibitors in both the film and the adhesive. This stops the films from turning yellow or becoming brittle over time. This attention to detail has the beneficial side effect of increasing the fade resistance of the artwork underneath. Heatseal films are incredibly durable, easy to keep clean and come in a variety of popular finishes.

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Ancillary Heat Activated Products

To ensure that the hot mounting and laminating experience is both profitable and problem free we offer a complete range of ancillary products. These products compliment and further improve the performance of hot presses.

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