Moulding Bundles

These are the last few metres of certain mouldings that we are clearing. The old price and the new price are shown along with the quantity in the bundle and the total cost.

(Code: B1570)

B1570 White Moulding by Wessex Pictures

1" White Reverse Brown Lines

Pack of 10.6 metres

(Code: B1693)


1” Distressed White/Silver Scoop Bead

Was £4.89/m   NOW £1.31/m

Pack of 12.00 metres

(Code: B1806)

B1806 Coloured Moulding by Wessex Pictures

1/2" Distressed Dark Grey/Silver

Was £4.75/m   NOW £1.20/m

Pack of 22.05 metres

(Code: C2058)

C2058 Coloured Moulding by Wessex Pictures

1 1/8" Textured Putty Silver Edge

Pack of 9.3 metres

(Code: C2862)


1" Stepped Antique Gold

Pack of 6 metres

(Code: C2925)

C2925 Coloured Moulding by Wessex Pictures

1 1/2 Flat Charcoal Raised Grey Lip

Pack of 8.0 metres

(Code: D3033)


2" Dark Brown Gold Grain and Edge

Was £6.73/m   NOW £1.64/m

Pack of 9.60 metres

(Code: D3652)


1 5/8" Graphite Ribbed Reverse Scoop

Pack of 7.3 metres

(Code: D3656)


2" Cream Bevel / Fine Silver Lines

Was £6.56/m   NOW £1.64/m

Pack of 13.40 metres

(Code: E4462)


1 1/2" Flat Grey Driftwood Texture Deep Rebate

Pack of 7.4 metres

(Code: E4480)


1" Stepped Antique Gold Deep Rebate

Was £7.97/m   NOW £1.97/m

Pack of 10.00 metres (1 metre alreaday allowed)

(Code: E4492)


1 3/4" Gold Reverse Green Scoop Ornate Top

Was £9.30/m   NOW £2.30/m

Pack of 6.00 metres

(Code: E4499)

E4499 Plain Gold Moulding by Wessex Pictures

1 5/8" Distressed Gold Scoop

Was £8.04/m   NOW £2.50/m

Pack of 9.00 metres

(Code: E4501)


1 5/8" Gold Scoop Bronze Edge

Was £8.04/m   NOW £2.50/m

Pack of 6.85 metres

(Code: G6097)


3 1/8" Stepped Gold Reverse

Was £13.80/m   NOW £4.20/m

Pack of 11.55 metres

(Code: H7005)

H7005 Coloured Moulding by Wessex Pictures

2 1/2" Light Brown / Silver Slope

Was £16.93/m   NOW £5.00/m

Pack of 5.8 metres

(Code: SAN08)


5/8” Varnished Ramin Scoop

Pack of 44.90 metres

(Code: ROB28)


1 3/4" Distressed Gold High Dome

Pack of 6.0 metres

(Code: ROB33)


1 3/8" Mottled Yellow Gold Bevel

Pack of 22.5 metres

(Code: ROB45)


2 3/4" Flat Walnut Effect

Pack of 11.5 metres

(Code: ROB47)


1/2" Fluted Dark Mahogany

Pack of 23.0 metres

(Code: ROB51)


1 3/8" Mottled Green Bevel

Pack of 36 metres

(Code: ROB114)


3/4" Mahogany Scoop Gold Edge

Pack of 16.10metres

(Code: ROB115)


3/4" Ridged Knotty Pine Cushion Unfinished

Pack of 21.00metres

(Code: ROB122)


3/4" Dull Silver Scoop

Pack of 21.00 metres

(Code: ROB131)


2" White With Raised Gold Edge

Pack of 15.8 metres

(Code: ROB137)


3/4" Limed Orange Cushion

Pack of 23.40 metres

(Code: ROB185)


1 3/8" Mottled Silver Cushion With Leaf Lines

Pack of 17.9 metres

(Code: ROB188)


1 1/8" Distressed Ivory Scoop

Pack of 18 metres

(Code: WF097)

WF097 Plain Gold Moulding by Wessex Pictures

2" Antique Gold Scoop

Pack of 4.72 metres

(Code: WF098)

WF098 Silver Moulding by Wessex Pictures

2" Antique Silver Scoop

Pack of 8.2 metres

(Code: WF129)

WF129 Coloured Moulding by Wessex Pictures

7/8" Black / Silver Bevel

Pack of 10.3 metres

(Code: WF205)


1 3/4" Flat Painted Pompadour

Pack of 5.6 metres

(Code: WF225)


7/8" Painted Pompadour Bullnose

Pack of 9.15 metres