Mediatac Self Wound Mount Film

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Product Reference Code: PMSW

We offer two self wound mounting films for use with laminators which feature an unwind shaft on the top. Self wound mounting films have only one release liner, which is non-stick on both sides. As the roll is unwound the adhesive layer is exposed, so these films cannot be used for cut sheet applications. Additionally the full width of the roll is always used as the film passes through the laminator, making self wound films more suited to volume jobs, Our Mediatac variant is a general purpose film suitable for most kinds of artwork. It works well with all kinds of mounting substrates, from white display board and foam centred boards to MDF and rigid plastic boards.

Current code Previous codes
PSA26-25164 PMSW25164
PSA26-41164 PMSW41164
PSA26-51164 PMSW51164