Windowt Art Mount Film

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Product Reference Code: PMWA

This mounting film has a number of uses. Its primary function is as an adhesive for applying artwork and signage to windows and other clear surfaces. The first side of the mount film has a conventional permanent adhesive and this is intended to be stuck to the front or back of the artwork itself, depending on the application. The second side of the film has a special release liner that, when peeled back, exposes a micro-pyramid pattern adhesive. The texture of the adhesive means that when the artwork or graphic is hand-applied to the window, the image rests with only the points of the micro-pyramids touching the glass. This has two benefits: air can easily be pushed out leaving no bubbles and the image can easily be re-positioned as required. When the artwork is to be removed it does so cleanly from the glass with no residue left behind.



Another use of WINDOWART™ is its application to the back of photographs. They can be placed in an album but will still peel off if adjustment is required. When the album is completed to your satisfaction, the prints can then be made permanent by pressing the images with a print roller, which ‘pops’ the micro-pyramids and gives full adhesive coverage. WINDOWART™ is ideal for making temporary signage for walls, doors, counter tops and vehicles. When making signs WINDOWART™ is applied to the back of the graphic and then laminated with a top film for durability.