Clear Styrene Plastic Glass

Product Reference Code: CLRSTYR

Polystyrene (PS) is an extruded clear plastic sheet often referred to as Styrene. The extrusion process involves melting styrene pellets and forcing the molten plastic through a die and rollers. The sheet thickness is determined by the die through which the material is extruded.

Styrene is a relatively cheap material which is softer than Acrylic. It tends to scratch very easily and is not as clear as Acrylic. Styrene is a very static material and it is very easy to build up a static charge on
the plastic particularly in a warm dry atmosphere. Ordinary Styrene has the same problems associated with surface reflection as ordinary glass.

Styrene is generally available in thickness from 1.2mm up to 3mm - although thicker materials are available they are not generally used for picture framing because of quality considerations.
Styrene tends to be used for cheaper framing jobs in small panel sizes where price tends to be more important, such as Clip Frames and Photo Frames.

Available in..

  • Loose sheets - where stock holding is required to be kept to a minimum
  • Packs - for the volume user, offering maximum value for money.
  • Cut to size - let us cut, wrap and deliver your glass ready for the frame.