The Bigger Picture

By Nikki on 17th Aug 2015

Glass is everything in the picture framing business, and although we as professionals realise this, often our customers don’t have a clue. They’ll spend ages looking at mouldings, mounts and even backing, but when it comes to glass the majority don’t know there’s a choice.

As framers, we scratch our heads when customers come in with an expensive and beautiful piece of art and then choose the cheapest glass option. It’s up to us to educate them as to what best fits their requirements. 

In the old days, pre 1970s it was simply the thickness of sheet glass that was a factor, nowadays we have near perfect float glass in a variety of thicknesses and purities, low reflection glass coated with metal oxide to provide a “near-invisible” finish. Art-Glass is used in well-lit areas and can produce stunning results in brightness contrast and colour resolution; a diffused version of the same glass offers superb results even under harsh lighting. Special Mirogard glass now gives an almost 3D effect to your work.

At Wessex pictures we supply a demo sales kit to show customers the choice. Once they know the options available and can see for themselves what a difference glass can make they’ll be delighted to pay the extra!

Call Wessex Pictures today and we can discuss the best way to offer your customers the choice they need AND deserve.