Board Products

We offer a comprehensive range of board products.

Backing boards include MDF in sheets and cut size pieces, traditional hardboard, Nubord an excellent alternative to MDF, various types of Fluted Board including Artbak and Corri-cor, Foam Core Board both standard and conservation, super smooth Grey Board and a range of conservation boards.

We have self adhesive boards in different sizes, thicknesses and strength of adhesion as well as heat activated boards used in drymount presses. We also have Boxboard and Display board that have very smooth surfaces and can be used for drymounting.

Other boards include Barrier Board for protecting your artwork, Pulp Board for backing mounted prints and Pin board which is ideal for maps and pin boards.


Hardboard HB43 at Wessex Pictures

The traditional board for backing pictures. It is smooth on one side and is 3mm thick.

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2mm super smooth Greyboard for all your framing needs at Wessex Pictures

Our 2mm super smooth greyboard is easy to cut, neutral pH and stays flat...

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Box board

600 micron thick Box Board, perfect for framing at Wessex Pictures

600 micron thick, the China clay surface is Neutral pH and a super smooth surface suitable for mounting...

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Pulp board

1.2mm thick Pulp Board for framing your perfect pictures at Wessex Pictures

Suitable for backing mounted prints. Used for packing out pictures. 1.2mm thick...

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MDF board

2mm-12mm wide MDF boards at Wessex Pictures

A wide range of MDF sheets from 2mm - 12mm...

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MDF board Cut Sizes

2mm-12mm wide MDF boards at Wessex Pictures

A range of pre-cut MDF sheets in packs of 10 to 50.

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Foam Core Board

Foam Core Board

White and rigid lightweight backing boards, perfect for shadow boxes and mounting large items...

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Kraft Lined Board

Strong and flat Kraft Lined Board at Wessex Pictures

Solid boards with at least one kraft facing paper. Strong and flat, ideal for backing pictures.

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Barrier Board

425 microns thick Barrier Board

Calcium Carbonate buffered barrier board, 600 microns thick, suitable for conservation framing...

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Fluted Board

Art-Bak Standard at Wessex Pictures. fluted backing board

A wide range of fluted backing boards from Art-Bak and Corri-Cor.  Standard, water resistant and conservation grades stocked.

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Display Board

Solid grey Display Boards at Wessex Pictures

This is a solid grey board with a super smooth surface. Perfect for dry mounting to.

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Self Adhesive

High and low tack Self Adhesive Boards available at Wessex Pictures

Crescent, Arqadia and Daler boards stocked. Both high and low tack available.  

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Pin Board

9mm thick Pin Boards for all of your needs at Wessex Pictures

9mm thick self healing board. Ideal for pin up boards, maps and any public notice...

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