Polcore Mouldings

Our wide range of plastic mouldings are fully recyclable and come in lengths of 2.9m. 


For joining the POLCORE mouldings, please order the Instant Framing Glue by clicking here or going to the glue section of our website.

Polcore recycled polystyrene picture mouldings

- An alternative material

Recycled polystyrene picture frame mouldings have a skin of HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) - known as "virgin" on the outside of the profile which provides a smooth surface on which to finish. The core of the moulding is made up of about 70% recycled polystyrene and 30% virgin polystyrene.

Recycled polystyrene is made up of waste products from mainly two sources:

  1. The electronics industry
  2. Plastic packaging - mainly from the food industry

It contains NO detectable formaldehyde, carcinogenic substances and is free from lead (as can be proved by lead testing).

The manufacturing process is clean. The material is sterilized during the extrusion process being heated to 190o C for a few minutes. We do not use spray paints. We do not use decorative transfer films. We do recycle all our waste extruded product.

Thus the material that constitutes recycled polystyrene mouldings broadly conserves the use of the earth's natural raw materials by using those that have been recycled.