Customer Benefits

Conserves capital

 Immediate use of the equipment without having to commit valuable working capital.

Ease of acquisition

Since it is the use rather than the ownership which will produce profits, the equipment can pay for itself.

A hedge against inflation

Rentals are fixed for the life of the agreement and, being set at today's prices but paid for with tomorrow's income, they represent a real hedge against inflation.

Simple budgeting

Fixed rentals simplify accounting procedures. In the case of leasing, customers who have a UK tax liability are entitled to deduct the full rental paid from their taxable profits during the payment period, thus reducing still further the net cost.

Alternative line of credit

Customers are offered the equipment and the means of acquiring it at the point of sale without having to make their own finance arrangements. We provide the customer with an alternative line of credit, leaving undisturbed existing credit lines, which may be  required elsewhere


  1. No security required. This lies with the equipment.
  2. Leasing terms are normally based on a 36 month contract.
  3. Repayments are around £35.00 per £1,000.00 per month plus VAT.
  4. A 3 month advance payment is required as deposit, leaving 33 monthly payments plus £35.00 documentation fee.
  5. At the end of the 3 years you may purchase the equipment via WESSEX PICTURES for one months payment or 1% of the capital sum whichever is the greater
  6. You may terminate the lease at any time by paying the settlement figure via WESSEX PICTURES.

All the above are subject to status. Rates are correct at the time of printing.