From Archival tape to Z Clips, when it comes to the back of the picture frame we stock a huge range of product.

For your gallery/workshop we have all the fittings you are ever likely to use. We also stock a comprehensive range of knives and blades that are constantly used in any framers workshop. For those jobs that need a little extra protection we stock the Springlock range of security fixings.

For retail displays we have a complete Blister Pack Stand that you can use to sell fittings to the customer.

Our range of tapes includes various backing tapes, double sided tapes and archival tapes as well as several dispensers.

Picture Frame Fittings

Picture Frame Fittings by Wessex Pictures

Extensive range of frame fittings and accessories, if you need frame accesories then we've got what you need...

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Screws for all your framing needs at Wessex Pictures

Large selection of framing screws from steel to brass, counter sunk to round head...

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Display / Mounting Fixings

Display / Mounting Fixings at Wessex Pictures

A range of fixings for mounting those unusual items that need to be framed.

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Springlock Security Fittings

Springlock Security Fittings at Wessex Pictures

This unique security fixing is almost invisible once the picture is hung.

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Strutback Products

Strutback Products for your frames at Wessex Pictures

A simple alternative to hanging a picture, ideal for photo frames.

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But which screw or pin?

We have an easy to use guide to find the right screw for your fitting ... 

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