Robinson's Slips & Fillets Mouldings

The following mouldings are items that were previously stocked at Robinsons Framing Supplies. These mouldings are now available from our Oldham branch while stocks last!! Customers in the Oldham branch area can order them to go with their normal weekly delivery. Customers outside the Oldham delivery area can order these mouldings but they will have to be ordered by your local branch and will take a minimum of 10 days to be delivered.

(Code: R 1306)

5 x 10mm Black Fillet

R 1306

(Code: R 1308)

5 x 20mm Black Fillet

R 1308

(Code: R 1309)

5 x 25mm Black Fillet

R 1309

(Code: 0707 GS)

20mm Gold Slip

0707 GS

(Code: 1114 GS)

30mm Gold Slip

1114 GS

(Code: R 4542)

16mm Spacer/Slip Bright Silver