Wessex Professional Pricing Program 4.4.15

The Wessex Professional Pricing Program has been designed for PC and has continued to evolve over the last 15 years. It has been written and developed by a GCF (Advanced) picture framer and so is practical & easy to use.

The program allows jobs to be saved, along with customer details, so framers can keep track of work on hand, as well as having an easily searchable record for returning customers.

Updates to the program is free so there are no on-going costs after purchase.

Although it has been designed for PC it can be run on a Mac computer in various ways, perhaps the most simple is CrossoverMac by Codeweavers (www.codeweavers.com/compatibility/crossover/wessex-pricing). Please note we do not give support for this transition.

The program has a comprehensive “Help” section, including videos for basic operations.

Click here for a video tour of the WPP4 pricing program.

There is also a blog about the program – www.stevetheframe.blogspot.com - which includes detailed information on common queries.

This blog post may help with any problems downloading.

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The latest exciting development is the Framers Pricing App for Android Android Devices. For those out and about visting customers this is an invaluable aid for your business.

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