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Pressure Sensitive Films

The Hot Press range of pressure-sensitive, or cold laminates is designed for use with the JetMounterTM and other quality roller laminators. The films work well at room temperature and provide superior protection from abrasion, moisture and pollutants. All contain UV stabilisers and absorbers to inhibit fading and discolouration from sunlight.

Pressure Sensitive Film - Double Sided Mount Film

Double Sided Mount Film

This is our most popular pressure sensitive mounting film. It works well with all kinds of laminators and can be applied by hand for special jobs. The product itself is formed from a clear central carrier film, which is coated on both sides with strong adhesive. Each adhesive layer is  protected by a grid-marked carrier paper. The two separate release liners mean this adhesive can be rolled out and cut to the correct size for each  job. Off-cuts  need not be wasted, but used for smaller jobs later.

This product is suitable for all artwork from plain paper and posters to inkjet and photographic media. Due to its strength and flexibility it also works well with plastic based media and textured art papers. Double-sided mount film works well with all kinds of mounting substrates, from white display board and foam centred boards to MDF and rigid plastic boards.

PMDS25082 (Prev.M3165)650mm x 25mts
PMDS25328650mm x 100mts
PMDS33082840mm x 25mts
PMDS41082 (Prev.M3174)1040mm x 25mts
PMDS413281040mm x 100mts
PMDS51082 (Prev.M3180)1300mm x 25mts
PMDS513281300mm x 100mts

Pressure Sensitive Film - SYNART Transparency Mount Film

SYNARTTM Transparency Mount Film

Mounting images to clear acrylic panels, originally practised in the sign making industry, is always popular. Creating large, illuminated signs for shopping centres, airports and other public areas, where the work is viewed from a distance, requires a basic, optically clear film. Polypropylene is used as the central core and the product is fine for those looking for an economy product. SYNART™, as its name suggests, is primarily used for the production of acrylic signage; For artwork viewed in the home we  suggest looking at our superior FYNART™ product.

PMTS25082650mm x 25mts
PMTS411641040mm x 50mts
PMTS511641300mm x 50mts

Pressure Sensitive Film - FYNART Transparency Mount Film

FYNARTTM Transparency Mount Film

This is  superior quality optically clear mounting film. For wall art and acrylic blocks this offers a  better colour rendition than economy grades and is  invisible even when viewed close up. Fynart is the choice of photographers, framers, digital artists and photo labs who want to produce the highest quality products and charge a premium rates.  An economy version is available on request..

PMTF12016325mm x 5mts
PMTF25016 (Prev.M3210)650mm x 5mts
PMTF25082 (Prev.M3200)650mm x 25mts
PMTF411641040mm x 50mts
PMTF511641300mm x 50mts

Pressure Sensitive Film - Window Art Mount Film

WindowArtTM Mount Film



Another use of WINDOWART™ is its application to the back of photographs. They can beplaced in an  album but  will still peel off if adjustment is required. When the album is completed to your satisfaction, the prints can then be made permanent by pressing the images with a print roller, which ‘pops’ the micro-pyramids and gives  full adhesive coverage.  WINDOWART™ is  ideal for making temporary signage for walls, doors, counter tops and  vehicles. When making signs  WINDOWART™ is applied to the back of the graphic and then laminated with a top film for durability.

PMWA25082650mm x 25mts
PMWA411641040mm x 50mts
PMWA511641300mm x 50mts

Pressure Sensitive Film - Self Wound Mount Film STANDARD

Self Wound Mount Film - STANDARD

We offer two self wound mounting films for use with laminators which feature an unwind shaft on the top. Self wound mounting films have only one release liner, which is non-stick on both sides. As the roll is unwound the adhesive layer is exposed, so these films cannot be used for cut sheet applications. Additionally the full width of the roll is always used as the film passes through the laminator, making self wound films more suited to volume jobs,  Our STANDARD variant is a general purpose film suitable for most kinds of artwork. It works well with all kinds of mounting substrates, from white display board and foam centred boards to MDF and rigid plastic boards.

PMSW25082650mm x 25mts
PMSW25164650mm x 50mts
PMSW410821040mm x 25mts
PMSW411641040mm x 50mts
PMSW413281040mm x 100mts
PMSW510821300mm x 25mts
PMSW511641300mm x 50mts
PMSW513281300mm x 100mts

Pressure Sensitive Film - Self Wound Mount Film ULTRA

Self Wound Mount Film - ULTRA

Our ULTRA option self wound mounting film is designed for more challenging applications. Mounting substrates such as corex or aluminium are  difficult to achieve a strong bond, this film provides a better result. Similarly, when trying to wrap graphics around the edge of thicker substrates, such as MDF, the extra adhesion this film provides will do the job.

PMSU25082650mm x 25mts
PMSU411641040mm x 50mts
PMSU511641300mm x 50mts

Pressure Sensitive Film - Photo UV Satin Matt

Photo UV Satin Matt 75micron

The finish of this film is a soft and smooth sheen effect. This film is often used to laminate paper posters and prints, as its subtle finish closely mimics that of the printed piece. The satin finish reduces glare but doesn’t reduce contrast. Another use for Satin Matt is as a protective laminate for images in wedding albums. As the film is relatively thin it doesn’t add bulk to the album.

PSSM25082 (Prev.P3356)650mm x 25mts
PSSM33082840mm x 25mts
PSSM41082 (Prev.P3320)1040mm x 25mts
PSSM413281040mm x 100mts

Pressure Sensitive Film - Photo UV Full Matt

Photo UV Full Matt 75micron

The purpose of this film is to eliminate reflection. Full Matt film is used where lighting is unpredictable such as exhibition halls. This film is useful for creating a protective surface as it is virtually undetectable. It offers additional UV protection when used behind plain glass.

PSFM25082 (Prev.P3306)650mm x 25mts
PSFM33082840mm x 25mts
PSFM41082 (Prev.P3320)1040mm x 25mts
PSFM413281040mm x 100mts
PSFM513281300mm x 100mts

Pressure Sensitive Film - Photo UV Standard Gloss

Photo UV Standard Glass 40micron

This film, with its simple gloss finish, resembles the gloss surface of conventional photographic and inkjet media. It can be used to impart a glossy finish to any flat artwork, regardless of its original finish.

PSSG25082 (Prev.P3456)650mm x 25mts
PSSG33082840mm x 25mts
PSSG41082 (Prev.P3471)1040mm x 25mts
PSSG411641040mm x 50mts
PSSG510821300mm x 25mts
PSSG511641300mm x 50mts

Pressure Sensitive Film - Photo UV Ultra Gloss

Photo UV Ultra Gloss

This film offers the highest level of gloss available and is often compared to Cibachrome prints. With its smooth surface it delivers an almost mirror-like finish. This film is recommended where impact and vibrant colours are required.

PSUG25082 (Prev.P3490)650mm x 25mts
PSUG411641040mm x 50mts

Pressure Sensitive Film - Photo UV Sand Texture

Photo UV Sand Texture 90 micron

This non- reflective film is ideal for artwork and graphics subjected to prolonged exposure in public places, such as restaurants, cafes, pubs and hotels. It displays a pleasing sandy texture that is also scuff-resistant.

PSST25082650mm x 25mts
PSST410821040mm x 25mts
PSST413281040mm x 100mts
PSST511641300mm x 50mts

Pressure Sensitive Film - Photo UV Sheentex

Photo UV Sheentex

This is a newer variant of our Sand Texture finish with a satin rather than  matt appearance. This gives the same sandy texture, but with more sheen to the final result. As with Sand Texture, the built in grain gives added protection from abrasion and helps reduce glare.

PSSN411641040mm x 50mts

Pressure Sensitive Film - Photo UV Crystaltex

Photo UV Crystaltex 90μ

This film has a tiny diamond faceted surface texture that scatters light to give a deep lustrous finish to print surfaces. It's like the popular GLOSS LUSTRE heatseal finish. Especially well suited to photographic work.

PSCR25082 (Prev.PGL10)650mm x 25mts
PSCR411641040mm x 50mts
PSCR511641300mm x 50mts

Pressure Sensitive Film - Photo UV Fine Linen

Photo UV Fine Linen 90 micron

This delicate, linen-textured laminate is the finest of the three fabric textures in our range. It is used by photographers wishing to impart a subtle yet decorative finish to their work. It's non-reflective and scuff resistant making it ideal for wall prints. It is useful for disguising minor creases and cracks in prints and posters.

PSFL25082650mm x 25mts
PSFL510821300mm x 25m

Pressure Sensitive Film - Photo UV Coarse Linen

Photo UV Coarse Linen 90 micron

This film displays a mid-gauge fabric texture resembling rough cotton or hessian. It is used on larger format artwork where a finer finish may be lost. The rougher gauge of this film can mask larger imperfections in prints and posters. Like most textured laminates it is scuff resistant.

PSCL25082650mm x 25mts

Pressure Sensitive Film - Photo UV Canvastex

Photo UV Canvastex 190 micron

This is  heavy-gauge fabric-texture film that is reminiscent of real canvas.  Canvastex opens up new opportunities for cold laminator users to capitalise on the trend for canvas-look prints. Canvastex is durable and, like all laminates, easy to clean, making it ideal for work that is on show in public areas.  Canvastex creates the illusion that the image has been printed onto canvas but is much tougher and easier to maintain.

PSCN25082650mm x 25mts

Pressure Sensitive Film - Photo UV Steel

Photo UV Steel 90μ

A unique brushed steel finish that looks great on both modern and traditional styles of artwork. The effect is  known as a ‘florentine’ pattern. This pattern is common on gold and silver picture frame mouldings. Steel can be used with modern images to create a contemporary feel, or traditional images to create a brush stroke effect.

PSSF25082 (Prev.M3892)650mm x 25mts
PSSF510821300mm x 25mts

Pressure Sensitive Film - Photo UV Natural Leather

Photo UV Natural Leather 190 micron

This new finish is a medium grain texture and suits a wide variety of artwork. It can  be used to cover coloured papers to create a leather-look covering for books and albums. When coated onto coloured mount boards it makes great leather mounts for pictures.

PSLT25082650mm x 25mts
PSLT510821300mm x 25mts

Pressure Sensitive Film - Eco UV Satin Matt

Eco UV Satin Matt

This is a new addition to the HOT PRESS™ pressure sensitive or ‘cold’ range. The effect of this film is a soft and smooth sheen. It's suitable for paper posters and prints. Unlike PHOTO UV films it's made with a water-based adhesive.

ECSM25082650mm x 25mts
ECSM410821040mm x 25mts
ECSM411641040mm x 50mts
ECSM511641300mm x 50mts

Pressure Sensitive Film - Eco UV Full Matt

Eco UV Full Matt

This is a new addition to the HOT PRESS™ pressure sensitive or ‘cold’ range.  This film eliminates reflections and allow your image to be viewed at any angle. Unlike PHOTO UV films it is made with a water-based adhesive.

ECFM25082650mm x 25mts
ECFM410821040mm x 25mts
ECFM411641040mm x 50mts
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