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Logan 201 Oval Circle Cutter Features of the Oval / Circle Cutter
  • Ovals from 3 1/4" x  4 3/4" to 20" x 23" (82mm x 120mm to 508mm x 584mm)
  • Circles from 4 1/2" to 20" (114mm to 508mm)
  • Uses a patented 3-step mechanism
  • Coverts from oval to circle cutter with a turn of a knob
  • Uses Logan 324 blades (Code LOG3019)
Straight Cutter Features of the Straight Cutter
  • pull-type 90-degree cutter
  • three depth settings with slip lock blade change feature
  • sizes standard thickness matboards and foamboard up to 3/16″ (4.7 mm)
  • can mount to many Logan board mounted cutters and straight edges
Team System

This practical combo system includes a 40″ (101cm) straight edge and a 302-1 Logan Push Style Bevel Mat Cutter for accurate, high quality mat cutting plus a three depth position mount slip with a slip lock depth feature for downsizing standard thickness mount board and foam board up to 3/16″ (5mm).

Just mark your borders using the ruled straight edge, attach the cutting head, and cut from line to line. All models include a non-slip rubberized base, imperial and metric ruled straight edge and a Logan Handheld Mat Cutter. Uses Logan 270 blade. Can also be used with Logan Glass Cutter or Straight Cutter.


Use a Handheld Mount Cutter glass cutter or craft knife with an Adapt-A-Rule cutting guide and enjoy straighter, faster, more accurate cuts. The 24″ (61cm) and 40″ (101cm) models include a non-slip rubberized base and imperial or metric ruled guides.


LOGAR2424" Adapt-a-rule
LOPAR4040" Adapt-a-rule
LOG301610 Logan 270 Blades
LOG301920 Logan 324 Blades

Self adhesive acid free paper/linen tape Mat decoration tape is designed for mat decoration; specially for covering strips to make a mat/mount with a deep bevel. The self adhesive tape is acid free. Available in rolls 25mm x 15 meter / 1" x 16 yards and pack in special box. Click on the image below to see colours - Please note colours are for reference only.

DECT20025mm Natural White Linen
DECT20125mm Antique Silver
DECT20425mm Reptile Grey Decoration Tape
DECT20525mm Reptile BrownDecoration Tape
DECT20625mm Silver Leaf Brown
DECT20725mm Silver Platina
DECT20825mm Silver Black Decoration Tape
DECT20925mm Gold Leaf Brown Decoration Tape
DECT21025mm Gold Platina Decoration Tape
DECT21125mm Champagne Decoration Tape

Self adhesive mount decoration tape is designed for mount decoration; specially for covering strips to make a mount with a deep bevel. The rolls are 25mm wide by 25m long.

Colour is for reference only.



DECT20225mm Natural White Linen
DECT20325mm Antique Silver
DECT21225mm Reptile Grey Decoration Tape
DECT21425mm Reptile BrownDecoration Tape
DECT21625mm Silver Leaf Brown
DECT21725mm Silver Platina
DECT21825mm Silver Black Decoration Tape
DECT21925mm Gold Leaf Brown Decoration Tape
DECT22025mm Gold Platina Decoration Tape
DECT22225mm Champagne Decoration Tape
GV111250ml Gilt Varnish Compeigne
GV121250ml Chantilly Gilt Varnish
GV151250ml Fontainbleau Gilt Varnish

Frame Sealing Tape

This long-lasting, acid free, lignin free pressure sensitive tape conforms well to irregular or rough surfaces. Available in grey, brown or white, the aluminium barrier stops acid migration. Can be used on Water resistant boards.

1¼" x 83ft (30mm x 25.5m)

GD151030mm S/A Frame Sealing Tape GREY

Mounting Hinging Tape

This pressure sensitive, mounting/hinging tissue is a fine, long fibered tissue with an archival quality pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive that is permanent and non-yellowing. Ideal for hinging light weight art because it wont show through. Mineral spirits are required for removal.

1" x 98ft (25mm x 30mm)

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