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Tru Vue UltraVue(R) UV92

Anti Reflective AND 92% UV protection

Tru Vue's latest addition to their glass range is the spectacular UltraVue(R) UV92. This is a reflection free water white glass that displays radiant colours and amazing clarity while blocking 92% of UV light. Light reflection is reduced to 1%, the lowest possible reflection available. The glass enhances the brightness, contrast levels and colour of artwork as a result of the optical coating combined with a superior water white float glass.

UltraVue(R) UV92 features:

  • Anti-reflective
  • Advanced scratch restance
  • Enhanced cleanability
  • 98.5% light transmission
  • Water white glass
  • Less than 1% light reflection
  • Amazing clarity


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GL61UV92 2mm 1220mm x 915mm
GL611UV92 2mm 1525mm x 1040mm
GL612UV92 2mm 1727mm x 1220mm
GL613UV92 3mm 2160mm x 1600mm
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