Artglass Protect™

Artglass AR99 Protect
Product Reference Code: Artglass Protect™

Artglass AR99 Protect™ safeguards artwork from harmful UV rays and is also shatter-resistant. This invisible glass is made for extra protection from damage caused by broken glass.

Artglass AR99 Protect™ is made from two sheets of AR70™ anti-reflective glass that are bonded together with a PVB film. The laminating film provides maximum UV protection and ensures that in case of breakage, the glass shards remain attached to the film and don’t damage the artwork.

Artglass AR99 Protect™ is is available in:

  • Loose sheets - where stock holding is required to be kept to a minimum
  • Cut to size - let us cut, wrap and deliver your glass ready for the frame.


  • Low iron, water white glass, 99% light transmission
  • Reflection less than 0.5%
  • 99% protection from UV light in the 300 - 380nm range
  • Superb glass, offering your artwork the very best view and UV protection
  • Shatterproof for protection against splinters or vandalism


  • Picture Framing
  • Custom Framing
  • Conservation Framing
  • 3D Object Framing
  • Glass Printing (on one side)


  • Meets ISO 18902 standard
  • Passes photographic activity test (PAT) ISO 18916
  • Meets conservation standards of FATG and PPFA

Technical Info

  • Cutting - Best bought cut to size
  • Framing - Either side
  • UV filtration - 99% (in the 300 - 380nm range)
  • Light reflection - <1.5%
  • Weight - 4.4mm - 11kg per m2 - 6.4mm - 17kg per m2
  • Maximum sheet size - 3160mm x 2235mm / 124" x 88"
  • Maximum sheet thickness - 6.4mm