The Artglass range of specialist glass products.

Groglass is one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of anti-reflective and other high-performance coatings on glass and acrylic. Applications include static displays, picture framing, museum showcases as well as architecture and other applications. The Artglass range of specialist picture glass is made in two state-of-the-art European facilities. See what's happening behind the making of Artglass in this video.

What is Anti Reflective glass?

When light passes from air into glass and then back into air, the transitions cause part of it to be reflected. Artglass AR coating alters the light transmission qualities of glass surfaces, virtually eliminating reflections and maximizing light transmission.

Invisible Glass

Conventional picture framing glass typically reflects 8% of incoming light, distracting the viewer with mirror-like reflections. With Artglass AR, light reflection is as low as 0.5% thus offering 16 times less reflection and eliminating any mirror-like effects. Artglass AR provides 99% light transmission, making it practically invisible so all the viewer sees is pure art.

True Colour Rendering

Neutral colours in reflection - other anti-reflective coatings tend to colour the reflective light, causing green, blue or red reflections that distract from the pure art viewing experience. Artglass AR has the most neutral reflected colour in the industry.


Artglass Brochure . Click on the image to download the latest Artglass booklet which has all the facts and figures you need to make an informed choice on the correct product for your customer

As with all of our specialist glass  Artglass is available in:

  • Loose sheets - where stock holding is required to be kept to a minimum
  • Packs - for the volume user, offering maximum value for money.
  • Cut to size - let us cut, wrap and deliver your glass ready for the frame.

** Uses a reflectance coating and the UV figure is based on light hitting the glass at 90o.

Product Uv Protection Anti-Reflective Non Glare Difused Anti static Shatter Resistant
Art Glass AR 70   Circle for products 2        
Art Glass AR 92 Circle for products 2 Circle for products 2        
Art Glass AR 99 Circle for products 2 Circle for products 2        
Art Glass AR 99 protect Circle for products 2 Circle for products 2       Circle for products 2
Art Glass 99 Circle for products 2