Artglass UV99™

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Product Reference Code: Artglass UV99™

Artglass UV99™ provides the maximum UV protection for items that are meant to be enjoyed for generations. While this conservation grade product looks like regular glass, its 99% UV block means that UV damage is nearly impossible.

Artglass UV99™ is treated with a special chemical coating that absorbs 99% of UV light. The coating is evenly applied on a thoroughly cleaned premium float glass substrate. It is an affordable option for end customers that require maximum UV protection for their art, without the benefit of anti-reflective coatings.

As with all of our specialist glass  Artglass is available in:

  • Loose sheets - where stock holding is required to be kept to a minimum
  • Packs - for the volume user, offering maximum value for money.
  • Cut to size - let us cut, wrap and deliver your glass ready for the frame.


  • 99% protection from harmful UV in the 300 - 380nm range
  • Free from 'orange-peel' distortion
  • No colour shift when viewed at an angle
  • Helps prevent images fading


  • Custom framing limited edition prints, original works of art, posters, shadowboxes for objects including keepsakes or souvenirs
  • To help protect items of sentimental or monetary value


  • Meets ISO 18902 Standard
  • Passes photographic activity test (PAT) ISO 18916
  • Meets conservation standards of FATG and PPFA

Technical Info

  • Cutting - Cut on non-coated side
  • Framing - UV filter side to artwork 
  • UV filtration - 99% (in the 300 - 380nm range)
  • Light Reflection - 8%
  • Weight - 5 - 5.5kg per m2
  • Maximum sheet size - 1524mm x 1016mm / 60" x 40"
  • Maximum sheet thickness - 2mm

Box Quantities

GL391 - 4 sheets per box

GL392 - 2 Sheets per box