Dry Mount Film

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Product Reference Code: HMFC

This is the most aggressive hot adhesive in our range and is a perfect partner to Unimount Classic™ tissue.

Current code Previous codes
MF25082 HMFC25082, H4346
MF41082 HMFC41082, H4351
MF51082 HMFC51082, H4354
MF51328 HMFC51328


Where Unimount Classic™ is good for most jobs, Dry Mount Film Clear steps in when tougher challenges arise. The product is formed from a clear central carrier film, coated on both sides with a strong, heat activated adhesive. Each adhesive layer is then protected by a grid-marked carrier paper. The two separate release liners mean this adhesive can be rolled out and cut to the correct size for each job. When the adhesive is exposed at room temperature it has a low level of tack. This allows the film to be positioned or tacked onto either your artwork or mounting board.

Dry Mount Film Clear is recommended for wood, MDF, plastics, textured art papers, canvases and other fabrics. This adhesive bonds well to both highly textured and smooth surfaces. The difference between dry mount tissues and heat activated films is that films do not ‘breathe’. Therefore we recommend this film is pierced prior to use