Trimount Classic Dry Mount Tissue

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Product Reference Code: HMUT

This premium grade dry mounting tissue is regarded as the industry standard for  permanent mounting of all types of flat artwork. It is popular among bespoke framers and photo processors due to its superb lay flat properties. Previously known as Unimount.

Current code Previous codes
TR25082 HMUT25082, H4019
TR25328 HMUT25328, H4021
TR41082 HMUT41082, H4036
TR41164 HMUT41164, H4037
TR41328 HMUT41328, H4038
TR51082 HMUT51082, H4044
TR51328 HMUT51328, H4046


Unimount Classic™ is a high grade adhesive on a porous, pH neutral tissue. The tissue has excellent breathability, which allows air to escape from the layers of your work. Unimount Classic™ is suitable for mounting posters, prints, photographs, inkjets, pastels, charcoals, colour copies, maps, charts, blue prints and plans.

Unimount Classic™ is compatible with a wide variety of substrates, including mount board, pulp boards and grey boards, foam centred boards, hardboard, MDF and of course, Hot Press' own specialist mounting substrate, White Display Board. Unlike some lesser tissues, Unimount Classic™ has a very wide activation temperature range, from around 70ºc to 115ºc, making it ideal for a huge range of jobs.