MORSØ-F PLUS 10 Mitring Machine

Mors plus ten
Product Reference Code: MR4

The latest machine in the Morso range is the manually operated Morso F plus Ten, which works after the same principles as the Morso F.

The standard Morso F is now more than 100 years old and in all that time the working height of the table has remained the same. It is a fact that many people are taller now than when the first Morso F was produced and the PLUS 10 caters for the taller operators. Very importantly the working height of the foot pedal is still the same, compared to the standard Morso F, it is only the working table which has been raised by 100 mm (4”).

Especially for taller people Morso F PLUS Ten is more convenient and ergonomic to work with. Operators working the machines more than 1 hour a day needs the best possible working conditions and this has now been achieved
with the extra height.

The Morso F plus Ten is delivered standard with automatic rebate support system and left hand extension table, safety guard, waste chute, sliding longitudinal stop, measuring scale up to 1,500 mm
( available to 2,500 mm upon request ) adjustable fences and adjustable rebate supports.

The Morso F plus Ten cuts hard wood, soft wood, plastic and MDF.

Technical Info

Nett Weight - 90 Kilos (198lb)
Max cutting width - 100mm (4")
Max cutting height - 160mm (6 1/3")
Measuring scale - Up to 1500mm (60")