What's in A Frame?

By Ryan Younger on 24th Aug 2015

As long as we’ve had pictures we’ve had frames, In the old days a frame was there as much to protect the artwork as to show it off. In medieval times frames were often used as a symbol particularly signifying the gates to heaven in many church commissioned works of art. Some say the frame was there to emulate a window frame, something which the lower classes could never afford.

Through the ages frames started to indicate status, the elaborate gold leaf frames  of the renaissance were often of superior aesthetic quality to the art work it displayed, so much so, that monarchs, noblemen and wealthy landowners would often pay more  for the frame than they paid to commission the struggling artists.

It’s said the Da Vinci even framed his paintings himself. Other artists were also very particular about what went around their work. The impressionist artist Degas used to buy his own pictures if he knew galleries had swapped his original frame.

Nowadays frames can be as elaborate or minimalist as you like. Modern materials can imitate everything from metal, bamboo, gold leaf, canvas or even glass.  Suffice to say here at Wessex Pictures with over 1100 mouldings on the shelf, we can supply virtually any design your customers require.

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