Tools & Equipment

Wessex supply all the equipment needed to start a professional framing workshop with excellent customer support from our experienced staff. With any machinery bought from Wessex Pictures you get free basic training but for furthering your knowledge training courses are available at our fully equipped National Training Centre facility in Leatherhead. Follow up advice is always at hand with any problems you might encounter to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

The five main areas of machinery are frame mitring, frame joining, mountcutting, board cutting and drymounting/laminating. In this section you will find a range of machines for each of the above jobs with full descriptions of each machine so that you can make an informed decision on your purchases.

As well as the main machinery we have a wide range of related products such as shrinkwrap machines (for packing), compressors (to run some of the machines), dust extractors and hand tools essential for the modern workshop.

Morsø Products

Morso products and equipment at Wessex Pictures

Dan-list has been making the Morsø mitiring machine for over 100 years.

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Mørso Accessories

Morso Accessories and parts at Wessex Pictures

A range of products for maintenance or adding to your machine.

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Brevetti Products

Brevetti Products and machinery at Wessex Pictures

A range of saws and underpinners, perfect for the busy framer.

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A+ Automation

A+ Automation

A range of underpinners, perfect for the busy framer.

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Keencut Cutters

Keencut Cutters and blades at Wessex Pictures

British manufacturer of a range of mountcutters and multi-material cutters.

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Keencut Accessories

Keencut Accessories and parts at Wessex Pictures

Wheel replacements and a wide variety of keencut blades.

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Cassese Products


A wide range of framing equipment, which has been produced since 1976.

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Cassese Accessories

Cassese Accessories

A range of Cassese parts available for your Cassese equipment.

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Fletcher Products

Fletcher Products, cut through glass, plastic and wood at Wessex Pictures

A range of multi-material cutters, designed with the proffesional framer in mind.

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Fletcher Accessories

Fletcher Accessories by Wessex Pictures

A selection of replacement parts for your fletcher products.

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Gielle Products

Gielle Products and machinery at Wessex Pictures

A range of automatic and manual machinery, perfect for the professional framer.

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Glue Guns

Cheap and easy-to-use Glue Guns at Wessex Pictures

We offer a Tacwise glue gun and cartridges, which produces a strong permanent bond.

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Shrink Wrap System

Shrink Wrap System systems for your shrink wrap needs at Wessex Pictures

Our shrink wrap system allows you to protect your products, whilst giving a professional look

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Compressors & Fittings

Compressors & Fittings at Wessex Pictures

We supply a range of low noise Bambi compressors, along with air hoses and relevant fittings.

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Dust Extractors


These are perfect to keep your workshop clean, when using fine dust producing machinery.         

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Machinery Leasing

Lease our Machinery for any of your upcoming projects at Wessex Pictures

Machinery leasing is available to all of our customers. See this service in further detail …

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Hand Tools

Hand Tools, take on every project with ease at Wessex Pictures

A range of workshop tools for all of your framing requirements.

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