Wessex Professional Pricing Program 4.4.14 Full


  • NEW FEATURE Sync your program with the Wessex App

  • Multiple work tickets can be saved on one invoice.

  • Running job total shown on main form.

  • Quantity of moulding needed shown on Work Ticket.

  • Can notify if a moulding is - low on stock, discontinued, or needs to be ordered.

  • Work tickets can be retrieved by - Invoice number, Work Ticket number, Name, Date or Moulding.

  • Gives collection date based on your turnaround time, even allowing for Sundays & Christmas!

  • NEW  View customer statistics.

  • Produces list (& value) of work still to be completed, in order of collection date.

  • Produces list (& value) of work completed but not collected, in date order.

  • Mount colours printed on Work ticket

  • Lists mouldings by quantity used.

  • NEW  See moulding needed to complete work on hand

  • NEW  'Predicitive Workflow'. This means you can now set the number of items you would normally expect to frame in a day. If the usual collection day already has that number of items then the program will suggest a different collection date (i.e. it evens out the work load)

  • Easily networked.

  • Major settings can be password protected.

  • An image can be imported to use as an invoice letterhead.

  • Invoice can be saved as a PDF (to E-mail customer).

  • RGB colour value of mountboard can be used.

  • Compatible with Windows XP Service Pack 2 and later versions

  • Compatible with Windows 10

To download the 30 day trial please click here.  This can also be used to update an earlier version of the program (To check which version you have go to “Help” > “About”)

**     Before updating remember to take copies of the database & labels/values files (V3.mdb & User.xml) just in case!

Wessex Professional Pricing Program Full Version

  1. Keep records of jobs and Customers
  2. Easily search database for previous jobs
  3. Never "mislay" a job again
  4. Programmed by a GCF framer, with input from many other framers.

For a full list of features please see below. 

For a video tutorial please click here.