Sale Mouldings

The mouldings in this section are no longer part of our current range. Once the stock has been exhausted they will no longer be available to order. Please contact your nearest branch for availability.

Please note stocks may only be available at another branch but can be ordered in for your next delivery.

(Code: SM139)


1" Matt Black Scoop Beaded Edge

(Code: WF110)


48mm Deep Black/Silver Canvas Moulding

(Code: WF128)

WF128 Coloured Moulding by Wessex Pictures

1 1/2" Grey Blue / Silver Bevel

(Code: PL6204)


PLASTIC 1 1/4" Mottled Blue Dome Gold Edges

(Code: POL2105)


1 1/2" Dist Silver Scoop Bright Edge 

(Code: G6118)


2 5/8" Distressed Mushroom Cushion Silver Edge     

(Code: G6115)

G6115 Coloured Moulding by Wessex Pictures

2 1/2" Grey Bevel White Fleck     

(Code: G6111)


2 3/8" Flat White Rough Dark Brown Centre

(Code: G6110)


2 3/8" Flat White Rough Light Brown Centre

(Code: G6106)


3 1/8" Flat Mottled Brown White Edge

(Code: G6105)


3 1/8" Flat Mottled Grey White Edge

(Code: G6057)


2 3/4" Ivory/Silver Ridged Scoop Brown Fleck

(Code: G6021)

G6021 Plain Gold Moulding by Wessex Pictures

2 3/4" Light Gold Scoop With Lip