Sale Mouldings

The mouldings in this section are no longer part of our current range. Once the stock has been exhausted they will no longer be available to order. Please contact your nearest branch for availability.

Please note stocks may only be available at another branch but can be ordered in for your next delivery.

(Code: B1653)

B1653 White Moulding by Wessex Pictures

1" Ornate Distressed Ivory Reverse

(Code: B1619)


1 1/2" Flat Light Beige Brown Edges

(Code: B1612)


3/4" Flat brown on Silver / Dotted Edge

(Code: B1611)


3/4" Flat Grey on Silver / Dotted Edge

(Code: B1598)


3/4" Flat Gloss Yellow Silver Edges

(Code: B1587)

B1587 Wood Moulding by Wessex Pictures

3/4" Flat Walnut / Gold Grain Pine

(Code: B1583)

B1583 White Moulding by Wessex Pictures

3/4" Flat White / Gold Grain Pine

(Code: B1093)

B1093 - Colour moulding from Wessex Pictures

5/8" Deep Angular Green Grey


(Code: B1002)

B1002 Silver Moulding by Wessex Pictures

1/2" Flat Bright Silver Deep Rebate