Cassese - Pneumatic Underpinner

Product Reference Code: CS2CART

The CS2CART is the first of the air operated Cassese underpinners in their new line.


  • The CS2 CART is the air operated version of the CS1 CART
  • Incorporates the Smart Wedge Drive System™
  • Perfect alignment every time
  • No air pressure adjustments needed between hard and soft woods
  • Also available to order is the CS2 Uni to take Universal wedges
  • The Smart Wedge Drive System™ only available from Cassese

Click here for an information sheet PDF



  • Width 5mm - unlimited
  • Height 7mm - 85mm


  • Length 610mm
  • Width 360mm
  • Height 1200mm
  • Weight 24kg

Air supply:

  • 6 bars using 1.5L/cycle