Wessex Pictures...New Kid on the Blog!

By Ashley Younger on 3rd Aug 2015

Welcome along to our new blog.  It’s a regular look at what’s going on at Wessex Pictures. We’ll be talking about everything from the latest equipment, new products and what’s going on at our various offices across the country.

At Wessex Pictures we’re always introducing new products to the already comprehensive range on offer; here you’ll get a chance to read just what we think of them and how we think they’ll benefit your business. 

We’re proud of being the UK’s Number 1 regional wholesaler to the picture framing trade and with over 30 years’ experience in the business, you won’t find anyone better equipped to deal with your questions and enquiries.  Whether you’re looking to buy or lease a new Glass Vacuum Press or try out the latest laminators. Wessex Pictures is always on hand to offer help and practical advice.

Professional Framing Glass has made huge progress over the past few years and here at Wessex Pictures we can supply the entire range.  Glass is the window to the framer’s creativity and we can supply the best option for customers who insist on the very best. Everything from high UV protection to anti-reflective and museum quality glass.  All offer superb   visibility and “virtual-invisibility” if you see what I mean! Needless to say we supply everything to go with your glass, cutters, cleaners and protective clothing. Wessex Pictures really is your one stop shop.

So keep an eye out for our regular blogs where you’ll find the latest updates and news from the UK’s No.1 Regional Supplier to the UK Framing Trade.